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Drinking Roulette Game

A must game for your party!

MRP: 2000

Rs. 1099

Delivered in 5-9 Days

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Booze and Gamble! What else do you need for the party. A must have game for all the parties! Grab this awesome drinking roulette game and have a lots of fun whole partying. The Set consists of 16 Shot glasses and two metal balls

The Premium Drinking Roulette Game Set includes

1. Roulette wheel

2. 16 numbered shot glasses

3. 2 metal balls!


Party Patel

party like there is no tomorrow!

Rs. 149

Delivered in 5-9 Days

Free Shipping

If there was ever an award for most aerodynamic dancer, Rockstar Patel would win it hands- I mean dandiyas down.Comic illustration of a an Assumed Character by name Patel who is ever ready for a party like there is no tomorrow!

Size :    A6 Pocket Size
No. Of Pages :    96 Ruled


Grab a bite – 8GB Burger Pendrive

8GB Pendrive satisfying all your data hunger

Rs. 499

Delivered in 5-9 Days

Free Shipping

When a Burger can feed you in times of hunger,  Why not feed a burger with data? Return the favor to your favorite junk food now! Silicone built. Supports USB 2.0&1.1 ports. Designer fancy Pendrive Reads/Writes up to a maximum speed of 12mb/s.

Material : Silicone base

Weight : 50gms

Speed : Up to 12mb/s


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