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Maid Minion Pen drive ~ 16GB

Sweetest Pendrive Ever!

MRP: 900

Rs. 699

Delivered in 5-9 Days

Free Shipping

Carry your important data in this innocent looking maid minion pendrive. These pendrives support USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 ports. The pendrives have rread/write speed uptp max. 12 MB/Sec. 

Color : Multi-color

Storage : 16GB

Speed : Upto 12mb/s

Material : Durable Solid Hard Rubber

Manufacturer : Moserbaer


Shikari Photoframe

Frame up the best picture

Rs. 549

Delivered in 5-9 Days

Free Shipping

If  you have a wild streak and are always focused on your target, then  this cool “Shikari” photo frame is for you. Designed in vibrant colours, it will perfectly complement your pic as well as your wall.

Material MDF Wood
Color Multi Colour
Size 6.5" x 8.5" Inches

Batman Ice Tray

A drink with the Batman? Silicone built

MRP: 800

Rs. 399

Delivered in 5-9 Days

Free Shipping

Drop a batman into the drink and watch it go high!  The quirkiest thing to own for a true batman fan! Ice trays with moulds in the shape of batman logo. The more number of batman in a drink, the cooler the drink and the party.Makes 7 ice moulds. 

Material : Silicone

Number of Moulds : 7



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